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General Information

The Institute of Area Studies, Peking University (PKUIAS) is a comprehensive academic platform for area studies that has as its main tasks the cultivation of talent, the conducting of academic research, serving as a think tank, and the hosting of international academic exchanges. Relying on the research bases at PKU, PKUIAS mobilizes the university’s diversified academic strengths and long-existing networks at home and abroad. It integrates and revitalizes relevant academic teams and resources that are scattered in different faculties, and inspires the enthusiasm and initiative of their teachers and students, to construct a more rational, comprehensive, multi-leveled and coordinated interdisciplinary subject composition within the university. By strengthening research ability and exploring the interaction of different subjects, PKUIAS will not only meet the demands of the country but also foster a new type of academic talent.

Area studies is a field of study that synthesizes geographical, cultural, economic, political, sociological, folkloric, human behavioral, and institutional and organizational studies of world countries and regions within one platform. It conducts comprehensive studies that span humanities, social sciences, and economic and technological developments both inside a given country and worldwide. Area studies aims to construct a comprehensive knowledge system to serve the world and its people. PKUIAS insists on the guidance of basic research and conducts both fundamental and predictive studies covering major issues in key countries and regions. It provides a research paradigm with Chinese characteristics while making full use of PKU’s advantages, to contribute to the country’s area studies and international academic exchanges and development.

The functions of the PKUIAS are as follows:

I Academic Research. Organizing various kinds of academic activities, aiming at professional, in-depth and creative academic achievements, and contributing academic insights to society.

II Academic Management. Coordinating and supervising the academic work of the many centers involved in area studies throughout the university, helping area studies thrive and revitalizing the academic resources available to area studies at Peking University.

III Talent Cultivation. Exploring new curriculum systems and teaching models to satisfy the requirements of area studies, training a new type of student who possesses the capacity for fresh thoughts and competence for practical work.

IV Think Tank. Providing policy proposals for major issues and solutions for theoretical and practical problems with the support of the university’s research and teaching sources.

V Academic Exchanges. Expanding academic networks both at home and abroad, absorbing advanced cultural achievements from the world at large, and disseminating Chinese knowledge and Chinese programs.

PKUIAS will cooperate with both domestic and foreign academic institutions and learn from them, and will be sincere and appreciative of the help and assistance that it can obtain from its academic peers.