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    Europe and Sino-European relations in an era of great changes
    A Broadyard workshop titled “Europe and Sino-European relations in an era of great changes”held by the Institute of Area Studies, Peking University (PKUIAS), kicked off at
  • 27
    ASEAN-China Young Leaders' Summit kicks off in Beijing
    The ASEAN-China Young Leaders’ Summit, on the theme of “Commemorating 30 Years of ASEAN-China Relations: Strengthening Partnerships for the Next Decade and Beyond,” kicked off on September 23 in Beijing.
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    Redrawing the 'Dawn' of Civilizations
    On September 19, 2021, the Institute of Area Studies, Peking University (PKUIAS) held a Broadyard Workshop titled “The Origin and Development of Early Civilizations”
  • 20
    The September 18th Incident, the East Asian world, and Changes over a Century
    September 18 is a date that 90 years ago witnessed Japanese imperialists launching a war of aggression against China as well as
  • 29
    International Roundtable Meeting Co-hosted by PKU and MSU
    An international roundtable meeting titled “Sustainable Development of the Innovative Economy of Russia and China in the Conditions of Global Socio-Economic Transformations”
  • 28
    Area Studies Think Tanks Exchange Meeting Held at PKU
    An area studies think tanks exchange meeting was held at Peking University on June 22, 2021. The meeting, hosted by the Institute of Area Studies (PKUIAS),
  • 21
    Cooperation in International Education: The Practice of China and Experience of Other Countries
    The advance of globalization has promoted the thriving development of education globalization and internationalization.
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