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    PKU Area Studies Exchange Meeting Kicks off
    The Peking University (PKU) Area Studies Exchange Meeting was held in the Yingjie Exchange Center on April 12, 2021.
  • 12
    The 42nd Broadyard Workshop – Chinese Perceptions of India and Indian Perceptions of China
    Recently, the border crisis between China and India has eased, with both countries having released a series of friendly signals.
  • 04
    The 41st Broadyard Workshop – Military Politics in Myanmar: Reality and Common Sense
    In early February this year, the political situation in Myanmar underwent a sudden change. The military detained senior government officials, took over the country and declared a state of emergency in the country.
  • 03
    PKUIAS holds its first Yannan Roundtable
    The Institute of Area Studies, Peking University (PKUIAS), held its first Yannan Roundtable on April 1 at No. 66 Yannanyuan. A total of 12 scholars from the School of Law,
  • 02
    The 30th New Buds Salon – The World and Middle East amid Great Changes
    The 30th New Buds Salon, on March 30, invited Zhai Jun, Chinese special envoy for Middle East affairs and former Chinese Ambassador to France, to make a presentation focusing on “The World and Middle East amid Great Changes.”
  • 28
    The 29th New Buds Salon – Sino-Japanese Relations amid Great Changes Unprecedented in over a Century
    The 29th New Buds Salon on March 26 invited former Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua to make a presentation titled “Sino-Japanese relations amid the Great Changes in over a Century.”
  • 20
    The 28th New Buds Salon – Changes in US-European Relations and a Comparison of their Policies toward China amid the Great Changes
    The 28th New Buds Salon, on March 18, invited Shi Mingde, former Chinese ambassador to Germany, to give a presentation titled “Changes in US–European relations and a comparison of their policies toward China amid great changes.”
  • 08
    Online seminar celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sino-Italian relations held
    The seminar was moderated by Enrico Fardella, associate professor of PKU’s History Department and director of PKU’s Center for Mediterranean Area Studies. Italian ambassador to China Luca Ferrari delivered the opening remarks.
  • 25
    The 40th Broadyard Workshop – Sino-US strategic competition and the Korean Peninsula
    The situation on the Korean Peninsula has faced a deadlock since the Hanoi Summit between the North Korea and the US broke down.
  • 12
    The 39th Broadyard Workshop – Environmental Changes and State Governance: From the Experiences of the UK and the US to the Reality in China
    "The environmental conditions of a country are the most powerful evidence of its government's legacy." This is one of Mr. Donald Hughes' arguments in his book What is Environmental History,
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