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Message from the Director

Welcome to the website of Peking University's Institute of Area Studies (PKUIAS)!

PKUIAS is an internationalized academic platform and thinking space. Founded on April 12, 2018, it is located on Peking University's beautiful campus. Although only newly established, PKUIAS shoulders high expectations and pursues high goals, as it endeavors to integrate PKU's abundant foreign-related study resources on one platform, to come up with a sum that is greater than its parts.

PKU possesses rich academic resources, a deeply-rooted teaching tradition, highly competitive faculty and extensive international exchanges. The integration of these factors will immensely boost the institute's potential.

Area studies is a field that synthesizes geographical, cultural, economic, political, sociological, folkloric, organizational, institutional, religious and ethnic studies of world countries and regions on one platform. It conducts comprehensive studies that span social problems, human behavior, ideology and intelligence, and people's production and life. The institute aims to integrate these heretofore separate fields of study to create a comprehensive understanding of each country and region. Clearly, area studies is an attractive yet untapped field that requires of its researchers their best efforts. PKUIAS welcomes students who have an interest in the field as well as the participation of veteran scholars.

While giving priority to academics, PKUIAS also holds a series of academic activities, including the periodic “All Under Heaven Forum,” “Broadyard Workshop” and the “New Buds Salon,” with the participation of well-known scholars from home and abroad. Students and all others who have an interest are welcome to attend the activities. The institute also publishes periodical journals and a monographic series. Through these efforts, PKUIAS is uniting the university’s academic strengths to build up a new academic space in order to boost our country's area studies to a new height.

The institute likewise emphasizes talent cultivation. It targets bachelor's degree and master's degree students who aspire to area studies, and fosters them to be new type of talent that possesses both basic interdisciplinary knowledge and professional research ability in specific subject areas. After completing their studies, the students can not only conduct academic research, but also are competent to be hired for practical jobs, and work for foreign-related departments or think tanks, where they can help address complex international issues or design national policies.

The institute only trains PhD candidates. Bachelor's degree students can apply for the bachelor-direct-to-doctorate program, and master's degree holders can apply by taking the PhD entrance examinations.

PKUIAS welcomes bachelor's degree and master's degree students from different subject backgrounds, and also further cultivates PhDs who want to undertake postdoctoral research.

The teaching resources of PKUIAS are scattered in different institutes and departments of PKU. The institute brings together famous scholars from all over the country who will be invited as supervisors when needed.

The institute has built partner relationships with many prestigious universities and teachers from around the world, and has a built-in requirement that students study in these countries to experience different lifestyles, cultures and societies. PKUIAS will make provisions for all its students. It also welcomes students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign countries and regions.

Overall, PKUIAS aspires to create a harmonious, free, inspirational and dynamic academic environment, and to set a good starting point for the post-university life of its students.

Welcome, young people from all over the world!

Qian Chengdan