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Health Systems of Various Countries from the Perspective of Public Health: Cuba


This year, the COVID-19 epidemic raging around the world has caused catastrophic losses to all countries. This public health emergency posed a severe challenge to China’s emergency management system, and it also exposed problems in China’s emergency response. In fact, in response to public health emergencies, many countries in the world have gradually formed a relatively complete crisis early warning and response system through continuous practice and established crisis management mechanisms. The implementation of these systems and mechanisms has played an irreplaceable role in minimizing social panic, getting life and work back to normal, and reducing losses of life and property.

The Cuban government has always regarded medical and health as a priority area of national development, established a free medical service system that covers all the people, and gradually formed a relatively complete medical service system and family doctor system. Some of its medical and health statistics have reached the level of developed countries. The COVID-19 epidemic has spread in Latin America, and Cuba has effectively curbed the increase in the number of confirmed cases despite a blockade. Some analysts believe that this is closely related to the advantages of its strong medical service system. This salon invited Xu Jin, a lecturer from the PKU China Center for Health Development Studies, to talk about the Cuban public health system and health emergency management system.