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Health Systems of Various Countries from the Perspective of Public Health: Japan


This year, the global COVID-19 epidemic has caused catastrophic losses to countries around the world. The public health emergency posed a serious challenge to our emergency response system, and it has also exposed problems in our emergency treatment system.

In answering public health emergencies, through continuous practice many countries in the world have gradually formed a relatively complete system of early warning and response, and established corresponding crisis management mechanisms. Implementing these systems and mechanisms has played an irreplaceable role in eliminating social panic, restoring normal order, and reducing life and property losses.

Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world. The high level of health among Japanese people is largely related to its excellent health service system. Japan's public health management and supervision system is also unique. During the epidemic, Japan experienced a surge in confirmed cases despite its initial effective prevention. In addition to the hesitation of the Japanese government, its domestic medical system has also been criticized. This salon invited Wang Peiyu, deputy dean of the School of Public Health at Peking University, to introduce Japan’s public health system and health emergency system, and to discuss issues such as Sino-Japanese public health cooperation.