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Quantitative Evaluation and Prediction of the Modernization of Major Countries in the World

China's modernization is an integral part of the world's modernization, while the world's modernization is the global environment of China's. By quantitative evaluation and prediction of the modernization of major countries in the world, we can not only quantitatively monitor the process of the world's modernization, but also dynamically monitor the changes in national level and international status, so as to learn more about ourselves and others. Meanwhile, we can also dynamically monitor the task and goal completion as well as China's international status changes in China's modernization, so as to provide a scientific basis for national policy-making and a decision basis for China's modernization. 

The salon invited Prof. He Chuanqi, former director of China Center for Modernization Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), to introduce his methods and findings of long-term research on China's modernization and world modernization process. Prof. He shared his study in five aspects: the evolution of modernization concept, quantitative evaluation and prediction methods of world modernization, evaluation results of modernization in 131 countries in the world, and evaluation results of modernization in China and different regions in China, and quantitative prediction of the world's and China's modernization. The salon was chaired by Prof. Qian Chengdan, director of the Institute of Area Studies, Peking University (PKUIAS).